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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Designing for Scent: Why Stinky Sites Work

Designing for Scent: Why Stinky Sites Work by Darlene Fichter - Researchers at Xerox Park (Palo Alto Research Center) have found that humans find information on the Web by following the "scent" of information just like blood hounds on the hunt for their prey. Write so that your site has a strong scent and draws people towards the information they need. Learn trigger words that build strong, sweet smelling trails, and avoid common pitfalls that lead users astray or that cause them to lose the scent. Take home tips to make your site "stinky" and to spot areas to improve - This is a one hour audio conference with Web-based visuals supported by a handout. There will be a 35-45 minute presentation and 15-25 minutes for co-browsing, analyzing sites and questions - Tuesday, November 8

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