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Friday, September 23, 2005

The Friday Brain-teaser from Xrefer

The Friday Brain-teaser from Xrefer - this week: Actors and Actresses. Answers here

1. Which English actor, born in 1904, won an Academy Award for his role as the butler in the 1981 film "Arthur?"
2. Which American actor starred in the television comedy series "Mork and Mindy" and the films "Good Morning Vietnam" and "Mrs. Doubtfire?"
3. Which actress starred in the films "Hideous Kinky" and "Iris?"
4. "Awesome Welles" was a nickname used by American actor Tony Curtis for which overweight actor?
5. Which Swedish actress appeared in the films "Casablanca", "Gaslight" and "Notorious?"
6. Which British actor also wrote witty comedies like "Hay Fever" and "Private Lives?"
7. Which US actress, noted for her full figure, had an inflatable life-jacket named after her?
8. Which English actress, born in 1650, became Charles II's mistress?
9. Which American actress won her first Academy Award for the 1933 film "Morning Glory" and also appeared in nine films with Spencer Tracy?
10. Dr. Johnson said of which 18th-century actor "His profession made him rich and he made his profession respectable?"

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