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Friday, January 14, 2005

This week's Friday Brain-Teaser from xrefer tests your knowledge of Colo(u)rs. Answers here.

1. What colour was the panther in the title of a 1963 film comedy starring Peter Sellers?
2. What colour is the carpet laid down for an important guest to walk on?
3. What colour occurs in the title of a 1982 novel by US writer Alice Walker?
4. What colour was the hero of Baroness Orczy's bestselling 1905 novel about Sir Percy Blakeney?
5. What colour is the surname of an American singer who had a 1971 hit record with "Let's Stay Together"?
6. What colour is the royal family of the Netherlands: the House of...what?
7. What colour was the mood in one of Duke Ellington's most popular songs?
8. Edward (1330-1376), the eldest son of Edward III of England, had a nickname including which colour?
9. Burt Lancaster was a pirate of what colour in a 1952 film?
10. The mako, an Australian species of shark, is also known as a "pointer" of which colour?

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