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Friday, July 06, 2012

The Friday Brain-teaser from Credo Reference - July 6, 2012

The Friday Brain-teaser from Credo Reference - this week: Lions. "This week's brainteaser is about lions, or things called lions or associated with lions." Answers here.

1. What is the meaning of the phrase "lion's share"?
2. What is the usual name for a group of lions?
3. What was the name of the lion that Joy Adamson raised from a cub, as described in the 1960 book "Born Free"?
4. Do male or female lions usually have manes?
5. The Golden Lion is usually awarded for the best film at which film festival: in Venice, Cannes or London?
6. Haile Selassie was called "The Lion of Judah". Which country did he rule from 1930 to 1936 and from 1941 to 1974?
7. The East African song "Wimoweh" was given what title when it was an American hit for the Tokens in 1961 and a British hit for Tight Fit in 1982?
8. In which Shakespeare play is Snug given the part of the lion to play in the masque of Pyramus and Thisbe?
9. Which instrument was played by jazz musician Willie "The Lion" Smith: piano, saxophone or trumpet?
10. Who wrote the 1913 play "Androcles and the Lion"?

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