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Saturday, February 25, 2012


EDUniverse serves as the goto destination for those who want to find out about the latest innovations in higher education communications and marketing. The website is designed as a hub where professionals can find and share inspiration, learn how others have solved problems, and network with each other. Anyone can use EDUniverse to learn about current thinking and find out what solutions might have worked for others. By creating a profile on EDUniverse, a contributor will be able to share content from their blog, Twitter, YouTube and Slideshare accounts, and will be able to upload content like video and white papers directly to EDUniverse. Contributors can comment and rank content shared by others and tag content for sharing with people who have similar interests like design, social media, fundraising, or public relations. By ranking and commenting on content that is shared on the site, EDUniverse participants can endorse thought-provoking ideas and noteworthy posts or presentations. The home page and other areas of the site will feature this user-curated content

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