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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Explore Suffragettes' records: 100 years on (UK)

Explore Suffragettes' records: 100 years on (UK)One hundred years ago, the Suffragettes of the Women's Social Political Union, armed with stones and hammers, tried to storm Parliament as their campaign for women's right to vote entered a new, more militant phase. From 1905 until this time the Suffragettes had held relatively peaceful protests, however in the years that followed 21 November 1911 the levels of violence escalated, from window breaking to major arson attacks. Explore our Metropolitan Police records (Catalogue reference MEPO 2/1488) for details on arrested Suffragettes and the damages. The National Archives holds a large collection of records on Suffragettes, many of which contain detailed witness statements, letters of petition and the methods carried out by the Metropolitan Police to arrest those taking part in organised disorders

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