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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

SAGE Reference releases second installment of Green Society: Toward a Sustainable Future

Last year, SAGE Reference launched Green Society: Toward a Sustainable Future. Now it has released the second installment of the series, six new titles, all of which are now available in print as well as on the SAGE Reference Online platform:

* Green Culture: An A-to-Z Guide – details the on-going paradigm shift in culture and lifestyles toward promoting a sustainable environment.

* Green Education: An A-to-Z Guide – explores the environmental movement at all levels in the field of education, as well as building sustainable campuses.

* Green Ethics and Philosophy: An A-to-Z Guide – covers the moral relationship between humans and their natural environment.

* Green Health: An A-to-Z Guide – examines how personal health and the healthcare industry affect resource conservation, pollution, and the environment.

* Green Issues and Debates – lays out the multitude of threats to sustainable life on earth and the many controversies surrounding potential solutions.

* Green Technology: An A-to-Z Guide – looks at the changing developments in technology as it relates to the environment, as well as the creation of new, clean technology that utilizes renewable resources.

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