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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Open data challenge: what treasures can you find? (UK)

Libraries, museums and archives have recently taken to experimenting with open data with a vengeance and now the JISC Discovery programme with the DevCSI project are running an international competition to see what people can unearth in this data. The challenge is to develop an application which allows people to discover the treasures hidden in one of ten datasets - from the shipwrecks lurking off UK shores, to the metadata behind Jane Austen's will online. The rich data sets on offer are:

* library data from the British Library, Cambridge and Lincoln
* archives data from the National Archives and the Archives hub
* English Heritage places data
* circulation data from UK university libraries
* museum data from the Tyne and Wear Museums collections
* search data from the OpenURL router service
* the musicnet codex

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