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Friday, July 08, 2011

Books & Babies: Communicating Reproduction (Cambridge University Library)

Books & Babies: Communicating Reproduction (Cambridge University Library)The history of human reproduction - via its communication through the ages - is examined in a ground-breaking exhibition opening this week at Cambridge University Library. Books and Babies brings together items such as a medieval bestiary and an eighteenth-century Anatomy of the Human Gravid Uterus with research notes by IVF pioneer Robert Edwards. Edwards' notes and the embryo culture chamber he used to incubate human embryos are believed to be on public display for the first time. The free exhibition, part of the major five-year Generation to Reproduction project run by the University and funded by the Wellcome Trust, is the first ever to examine the communication of reproduction throughout thousands of years of history. It opens, free to the public, from July 7

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