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Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Wilfred Owen Story (UK)

The Wilfred Owen Story (UK)The Wilfred Owen Story opened last Friday - on what would have been Owen's 118th birthday. Not only is it a celebration of Owen's life, work and poetry but a reconciliation of Owen to the place where he lived his formative years; he attended the now demolished Birkenhead Institute School between the ages of seven and fourteen, developing his love for poetry and extending his own poetic influence during his academic life. The three houses that Owen lived in during his tenure in Birkenhead are all still standing to this day, so it is incredibly fitting that such a comprehensive memorial should be situated there. The exhibition was masterminded by Dean Johnson who hopes it will consolidate the link between Owen and Birkenhead, leading fans and admirers towards the other landmarks in the town that are associated with the poet. It will also be used as a space to exhibit new works of poetry inspired by Owen; a place of life, voice and creation and a "symbol of freedom" rather than merely a historic museum.
The Wilfred Owen Story is at 34 Argyle Street and entry is free

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