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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Oregon Digital Library Project

The Oregon Digital Library ProjectOver the past ten years, many Oregon libraries have worked to create digital library programs for the capture, preservation and access of digital assets. Materials digitized represent unique materials that can be only found at a particular institution. As libraries and archives within Oregon have created digital collections rich with content, the ability for the general library user not associated with a specific campus/organization community to find and access digital content has become more difficult. In many cases, these excellent collections can be difficult for patrons to locate, in part, because library users across the State of Oregon are unable to search across all collections. These programs, often started through the use of LSTA funding, are many times available only to an organization's immediate user community. The Oregon Digital Library Project is built upon previous work done by OSU Libraries, and seeks to build a collaborative portal for the discovery of digital collections created by institutions within the State of Oregon. Utilizing LibraryFind, a previously funded LSTA project, the ODLP creates a centralized portal for information that could be utilized by any library user to locate digital assets created by Oregon's cultural centers and locate them in context to materials that may exist at other institutions

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