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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Spoken Ink (UK)

Spoken Ink"Spoken Ink is the only site on the internet devoted to short stories on audio. We offer you world class actors reading the likes of Roald Dahl, Angela Carter, Julian Barnes, Margaret Atwood and a host of new and unknown talent. We believe the internet is a magical place. Suddenly, at your fingertips, is a library the size of Poland and countless librarians who will introduce you to many marvellous authors, ideas and stories that you have only ever dreamed of. We are worshippers of the short story. The short story is sleek and fast like a puma, as charming as your Great Aunt Mildred and, at times, sexier than Eva Green. The short story is destined to be the great literary art form of the 21st Century. 30 minutes in the company of the right story may change your week, even your habits. So, if you are writer, a listener, a publisher or anyone, then plug in your earphones, put down your briefcase, take out the ironing board, climb into bed and listen to the great short story with us"

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