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Friday, December 11, 2009

Scotland's oldest book goes on display for first time

Scotland's oldest book goes on display for first time"Scotland's oldest book, a medieval Celtic psalter with vivid illustrations in green, red, purple and gold, will be put on public display on Friday for just the second time in 1,000 years. The pocket-sized book of psalms dates from the 11th century and has been described as Scotland's version of the celebrated Book of Kells in Dublin. It contains hand-written psalms in Latin, with Celtic and Pictish illustrations of dragons and other 'beasts' and is normally only available to scholars, although it was exhibited in 1967. It is thought to have been produced at the monastery on the island of Iona and although the original binding has been lost, the script is clear and the text can still be read today. The psalter will go on display in the main library at the University of Edinburgh for the next three months, with other items including an edition of Romeo and Juliet that was published during Shakespeare's lifetime" - Telegraph

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