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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Irish Times digital archive free until December 14 2009

The Irish Times digital archive, which contains exact reproductions of all articles published by The Irish Times from 1859 onwards, is available free until December 14 2009.
"For much of Easter Week 1916, The Irish Times was the only newspaper on the streets, even though, because of censorship and the breakdown of communications systems, its ability to report on the fighting was extremely limited. Apart from the proclamation of martial law, it filled its pages with "special articles of literary interest and some items of local events." By Saturday May 2nd, however, it was able to carry a headline on "The Sinn Féin Rising: Scenes And Incidents In Dublin Streets" along with a great deal of vivid detail. On Saturday May 13th, the Weekly Irish Times was published as a special triple issue, with extensive details of the fighting, lists of casualties, the names of prisoners sentenced and deported and photographs of the main protagonists. It achieved a "colossal" circulation and became a standard reference work on the history of the Rising"

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