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Friday, December 04, 2009

The Friday Brain-teaser from Credo Reference

The Friday Brain-teaser from Credo Reference - this week: Sweets for the Sweet. "We think this is rather a sweet idea for a brainteaser. All the clues below lead to a phrase, combination or person's name that includes the word "sweet". So, if the clue was "The point on a tennis racket believed by players to deliver the maximum power to the ball", the answer would be "Sweet spot"." Answers here.

1. A variety of maize with a higher proportion of sugars in the maturing kernels: usually boiled or roasted and eaten directly from the cob.
2. A love for sugary foods.
3. Satisfyingly brief and pertinent.
4. The title of a film melodrama (1957) set in the world of New York journalism, starring Burt Lancaster and Tony Curtis.
5. The fleshy root of the plant Ipomoea batatas, of which there are two principal types: the kind erroneously called yam and the Jersey type.
6. Especially in Chinese cookery: cooked in a sauce that includes sugar, vinegar and soy sauce.
7. American fiction series created by Francine Pascal about identical twins, 16-year-olds Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield.
8. Title of a 1986 hit recording by Michael McDonald (the theme song from Running Scared).
9. The name of a British scholar who persuaded the Oxford University Press to publish what became the Oxford English Dictionary. Bernard Shaw used this man as the basis for the character of the phonetician Professor Higgins in Pygmalion.
10. Title of 1959 play by Tennessee Williams about a once-important actress

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