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Monday, December 07, 2009

China Digital Library for Visual Impairment

China Digital Library for Visual Impairment"At a time when technology is dominating many aspects of society, visually impaired people in the community are now benefiting from the latest innovations in terms of reading. Through a series of user-friendly interfaces, those who previously had limited access to books and information are being ushered into a world of knowledge where they can read and learn at will. China Digital Library for Visual Impairment (CDLVI) is an online library, mainly accessible via the Internet. In combination with specially designed screen readers, software that reads out loud what is shown on the screen, CDLVI is enabling people who are blind and visually impaired to use shortcut keys to navigate websites divided into different areas. The innovation was recently acknowledged by the Ministry of Culture for its unique role in benefiting the visually impaired. Created by the National Library of China, China Disabled Persons' Federation and China Braille Publishing House, the library enables the visually impaired to listen to e-books, music and online lectures whenever they choose"

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