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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Dialog launches Twitter site

"Those interested in keeping up with the latest happenings at Dialog have a new tool. The company has launched a Twitter site - DialogLLC - that allows customers, journalists and information mavens to follow its news. 'Twitter enables nearly instantaneous communication with our community,' said Libby Trudell, vice president, market development. 'This is another step in a long tradition of building feedback channels with customers.' Dialog intends to tweet news and opportunities of all types. For example, in its first live week, the Twitter site included links to free trials, Intellectual Property webinars, and information on applying for Dialog’s program for unemployed librarians. Because of Twitter's brevity, Dialog feels the site can enable followers to stay abreast of company initiatives with a minimum impact on their time. Each Tweet will include a link that allows readers to get more information"

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