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Thursday, October 15, 2009

British Library to archive Gormley’s virtual plinth

"Since 2004 the British Library's Web Archiving team has worked to capture an online snapshot of historically, socially and culturally significant events and preserve them both for research and as a key part of the nation's memory. With 2,400 participants and reaching an audience of millions, Anthony Gormley's plinth project is one of the most talked about artistic endeavours of the decade. Gormley's use of the Trafalgar Square fourth plinth – the type of space normally reserved for statues of monarchs and generals – is not only of cultural importance, but also says something significant about modern society in the UK, providing a space for members of the public to participate and express themselves. Joining existing online collections on subjects such as the 2005 General Election and the Credit Crunch, Gormley's website represents a significant technical challenge for the Library's web archivists, who plan to capture, store, and make the site accessible for the long term"

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