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Monday, March 23, 2009

University of Michigan redefining scholarly publications in the digital age

"The scholarly monograph isn't going anywhere. But exactly where and how scholarly works appear is undergoing nothing less than a revolution comparable, some say, to the invention of the printing press nearly six centuries ago. To maintain its leadership role in scholarly publishing in the digital age, the University of Michigan will restructure its largest publishing affiliate, University of Michigan Press. With the changes, the press will shift its focus to the recruitment, production and dissemination of primarily digital monographs. "Digital publishing helps the U-M Press to adopt a business model more consistent with the university research goal to disseminate information as widely and freely as possible," said U-M Provost Teresa Sullivan. "In addition, the change aligns with the university's ongoing effort to digitize its library collection, enhances U-M Press' print-on-demand capacity, and increases the range and means of expression of published ideas and authors."

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