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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Using the Web to Encourage Critical Thinking

From Intute, UK: "Using the Wider Web to Encourage Critical Thinking is a series of exercises designed for classroom or seminar use, aimed at sixth formers and first year undergraduates. Intended to develop students' analytical abilities, these resources use the Web - which offers unparalleled opportunities for comparative study of different types of writing and argument - as source material. The subject matter is of relevance to a range of humanities disciplines (most especially, though by no means limited to, philosophy and religious studies), while the research skills gained will be valuable to all students. Two units are currently available, the first focussing on checking facts, and the second on gauging and analysing popular opinion on a range of controversial issues. In both units, students are invited to explore the Web and find a number of sites which address the selected topic, and then, in a teacher-led group discussion, to share and discuss their findings. The Teacher's Guide includes suggested session outlines and discussion points, and worksheets and PowerPoint presentations are also supplied"

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