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Friday, December 19, 2008

The Friday Brain-teaser from Credo Reference

The Friday Brain-teaser from Credo Reference - this week: Christmas films and books. Answers here.

1. Who stole Christmas in a 1957 story by Dr Seuss which became a major film in 2000?
2. Which 1993 film was produced by Tim Burton: the first feature-length stop-motion animated film to be released by the Disney company?
3. Which 1946 film, directed by Frank Capra and starring James Stewart, was based on "The Greatest Gift", a story penned by Philip Van Doren Stern to send to his friends as a Christmas card?
4. Complete this title of a Japanese POW film drama starring David Bowie and Tom Conti: "Merry Christmas...".
5. In Charles Dickens's "A Christmas Carol", what name is given to the last ghost to visit Ebenezer Scrooge?
6. Which miraculous 1947 film starred Edmund Gwenn as "Kris Kringle", recruited as Macy's Santa Claus during New York's Christmas rush? The film was remade in 1994.
7. In which 1942 film did Bing Crosby first introduce Irving Berlin's "White Christmas", the most popular secular Christmas song of all time?
8. Which Christmas song was sung by Judy Garland in the 1944 film "Meet Me in St Louis"?
9. Who wrote the 1981 novel "The Birds of the Air" which critiques the silliness of the English Christmas?
10. "The Karate Kid" was a Hollywood film that saw its youthful hero change from chump to champ during the seven weeks between when and Christmas?

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