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Sunday, November 25, 2012

New Hampshire Historical Society works to digitize entire catalogue

Bill Dunlap, executive director of the New Hampshire Historical Society, wants to make the past easier to find. So ambitious is Dunlap's plan of digitizing the society's massive amounts of information and that of the state's smaller, local historical organizations, that he dared mention drawing young people away from reality TV. "We're going to put John Stark up against the Kardashian sisters, mano-a-mano," said Dunlap, only half kidding. "At least now we'll have a fighting chance. My predecessor once said that if you're not available on the internet, you don't exist." Following the lead of his counterpart in Maine, Dunlap is raising money for a plan to one day make digital images of everything in the museum and library. That means 31,000 museum pieces, 250,000 photos and 2 million pages of manuscripts. "It's a big undertaking," Dunlap said

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