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Monday, March 26, 2012

Exeter Cathedral: How do you move 70,000 archives? (UK)

Exeter Cathedral: How do you move 70,000 archives? (UK)Exeter Cathedral is getting ready to open a new centre to keep all its archives in one place. But how do you move thousands of documents, some of which date back to 1050? "We've got 70,000 books, documents and records, although it's more than that figure when you put the archives together," Canon librarian Ann Barwood said. "They were in different locations - above the refectory, the library, one collection up at the university and then the other collection in the west wing of the palace." The cathedral has invested £1.5m in refurbishing the West Wing of the Bishop's Palace to store its archives and run workshops, but Ms Barwood said the money was "neither here nor there" when it came to preserving the cathedral's history. "It was important that we could preserve them fully and properly, otherwise they may as well have gone into the skip."

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