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Friday, July 02, 2010

The Librarian's Book of Lists

The Librarian's Book of Lists"After years spent editing American Libraries and the many editions of The Whole Library Handbook, George Eberhart has collected a raft of arcane librariana and amusing trivia for this endlessly browsable volume. Equally suitable for the reference shelf and the staff lounge, the dozens of wide-ranging lists in this book include

* 14 ways libraries are good for the country
* How to say “Where is the library?” in 50 different languages
* 10 intriguing paper defects
* 6 library-related birdsongs
* Top 12 silly reasons to ban a book

The mixture of serious topics, tongue-in-cheek items, and outright silliness provides something to please everyone familiar with libraries, making a fun read and a wonderful gift"

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