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Thursday, July 01, 2010

Irish Angler via Exact Editions

Irish Angler via Exact Editions"Irish Angler, now available via the Exact Editions platform, is the No.1 angling magazine in Ireland. It is unique among angling magazines in that it covers all types of fishing, trout, salmon, sea, pike and coarse as well as having extensive coverage of fly tying. Ireland has some of the finest fishing in the world for wild salmon and brown trout, sea fishing and pike. Depending on the season, the focus of the magazine shifts, with annual fly tying, trout and pike special issues amongst others. Irish Angler also campaigns on issues affecting Irish angling and angling in general, such as commercial overfishing and pollution. Previously only available in Ireland, this new digital edition allows anglers all over the world to read about some of the worlds best fishing"

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