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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

The Rethinking Resource Sharing (RRS) Innovation Awards 2010

"The Rethinking Resource Sharing (RRS) Innovation Awards recognizes and honors an individual or institution for changes they made to improve users’ access to information through resource sharing in their library, consortium, state or country. It is hoped that the award will encourage libraries and librarians to make changes in how they do resource sharing to improve service to users. RRS looks for efforts where people didn't wait for the profession to provide better services for users. The Rethinking Resource Sharing Innovation Awards consists of a $1,000 cash award and a citation to the entity that applies. In 2010 Rethinking Resource Sharing expects to make up to three awards. The most valuable ideas will be posted to the Rethinking Resource Sharing website in the hope that by sharing a great number of creative resource sharing ideas it will inspire others to try and implement similar ideas"

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