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Saturday, February 06, 2010

Bookbite (UK)

"Bookbite is here to help you get more out of reading and writing. Whether you always have your nose in a book or just flick through a local paper; whether 'writing' to you means writing short stories, keeping a diary or a note in a greetings card. Join our reading group or writing club, take part in competitions, find information, book lists, tips and more About the partners: Booktrust has enjoyed a partnership with both UK online centres and WRVS to create and launch Bookbite. In addition, Booktrust is working with around 300 informal partners - libraries, organisations for older people, and resource centres across England. From the West Indian Seamen's Association in London to Care & Repair in Manchester. From Ellesmere Port Central Library to HMP Hewell in Worcestershire, Booktrust is delighted to have the support of a diverse range of organisations. All are helping us to deliver the Bookbite magazine to encourage 100,000 older people to get the most out of reading and creative writing for discovery and pleasure"

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