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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Library 2.0 Gang Podcast: August 2008

Library 2.0 Gang Podcast: August 2008: "Open Source Software has been around for many years. Open Source components have been used to develop library systems since the late 1990's. Koha, acknowledged as the first fully open source library system was launched by its New Zealand based developers in 2000. The growing interest around open source, stimulated by Koha, was given a significant boost when Georgia Public Libraries launched Evergreen in September 2006.

We have two guests this month:

* Karen G. Schneider, Community Librarian for Equinox Software, the support organisation which grew out of the Evergreen project.
* L J Haravu Chief Domain Specialist, Verus Solutions Pvt., Ltd., Hyderabad India, the software company behind NewGenLib the Open Source library system successfully spreading across India and the Middle East.

Stimulated by the success of the organisations represented by our guests, the gang for this month - Nicole Engard, Talin Bingham, Andrew Nagy, Marshall Breeding, and Carl Grant - go on to discuss how Open Source Library Systems, and the open approach behind them, have changed the way all system suppliers both commercial and Open Source are delivering their systems and engaging with their customers"

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