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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Humana Press journals now available on SpringerLink

"Humana Press was acquired by Springer in September 2006. Humana Press content is immediately available on www.springerlink.com along with more than 1,500 peer-reviewed Springer journals and more than 22,000 eBooks. Beginning with the subscription year 2008, libraries and research institutions may purchase Humana Press journals through Springer. All issues previously available on the Humana Press platform are now available on SpringerLink which includes most journals starting from the inaugural issue or from 2000 and earlier. Archival conversion has been initiated with the intent to provide electronically available content to the first issue of each journal. In fact, over 240 of such issues are available on SpringerLink now. With all content and subscribers migrated to SpringerLink the Humana Press journals platform will be deactivated 31 January 2008. On 1 February 2008 access to journals on HumanaPress.com or HumanaJournals.com will no longer be available"

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