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Saturday, January 09, 2010

Living Library becomes Human Library

"It has been almost 10-years since "Menneskebiblioteket" was opened for the first time at Roskilde Festival in Denmark. Shortly after the first event the creators including the author of this article, began promoting the idea outside Denmark. Today more than 45 countries have introduced the concept and so far it has been a great adventure. However when we translated the name of the concept to English, we made a mistake and now the time has come to correct that mistake. We have received documentation from attorneys representing a private company that clearly shows their right to use the old name in the United States and as we are not prepared to pay for the use of this name, we have decided to correct what has long been a mistake anyhow, the name. The correct translation from Danish is "Human Library" as it is human beings on loan and not books. And so we are happy to rectify this mistake now before we reach further territories. As of January 1st 2010 - we are now the Human Library"

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